What is ERM Advantage?

ERM Advantage means that the organizations that develop and implement a robust, enterprise-wide risk management framework perform better than their peers, recognize fewer losses, higher returns on equity and a tactical, strategic advantage. Simply put, effective risk management makes an organization more resilient.

Enterprise risk management as a discipline is still in the early stages of its maturity lifecycle, and many organizations struggle to identify industry best practices. The goal of this site is to present leading edge research and commentary on ERM techniques and methods in the hope that it will benefit your organization and help further the development of your ERM program.

One of the advantages of this medium versus published articles is that here I can sprinkle in a bit of personal opinion as well. Similarly, guests have the opportunity to add their comments and observations. So if something I say doesn’t sit right with you, leave a comment. It’s much more interesting when it’s a discussion anyway.

Thankfully, this site will never be finished, we will never find all of the answers. That’s what make is fun. That’s what makes it a challenge. That’s what makes it insanely rewarding.

Happy reading.

You can also visit our sister site, OpRisk Advantage, to find leading industry intelligence on topics related to operational risk management.



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