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Thoughts on ERM Dashboards

One of the natural consequences of evolving enterprise risk management programs is that they are generating more and more information. So it follows that in the midst of accumulating this mountain of data, (all of which is informative to some degree), a key question has to be asked: “What is the basic, most essential information … Continue reading

Enterprise Risk Assessments Consider Both the Forest and the Trees

When developing a risk management program you are told that you need to do an enterprise-wide risk assessment (ERA). But despite some limited published work on this subject, the question of what constitutes an “enterprise-wide” risk assessment is still quite vague.  The concept is straightforward enough – attempt to develop a framework that provides some … Continue reading

Welcome to ERM Advantage!

Thank you for visiting ERM Advantage. Hopefully the information you find here will help you in the advancement of your own Enterprise Risk Management program.  Please feel free to comment on any of the content you find here, just remember to be civil, respectful and constructive.  You can also send comments, questions and topical suggestions … Continue reading

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