ERM Advantage is managed by Eric Holmquist, Managing Director of Enterprise Risk Management for Accume Partners, an advisory firm providing risk management, internal audit and compliance services.  Named one of the “Top 50 Faces Of Operational Risk” by OpRisk & Compliance Magazine, Mr. Holmquist has 30 years of experience in the industry.  He has experience in virtually every area of bank operations and has developed risk management, MIS and information security programs for clients of all sizes.

Mr. Holmquist is also an author and international speaker on areas of risk management, technology, information security, change management, culture and compliance and is consistently rated one of the top speakers at industry conferences.

He is the author of Right-Sizing ORM – Scaling Operational Risk Management For The Small To Mid-sized Market, and is a contributing author to Operational Risk 2.0 and The Advanced Measurement Approach to Operational Risk, both by Incisive Media.  He has also written over 50 published articles on operational risk management, technology risk and information security.

Mr. Holmquist is available to discuss engagements of all sizes and is passionate about helping clients achieve excellence at an affordable rate. He can be reached at eholmquist@accumepartners or (215) 817-2107.

You can also visit our sister site, OpRisk Advantage, to find leading industry intelligence on topics related to operational risk management. The opinions expressed here are solely those of Mr. Holmquist and do not necessarily reflect those of Accume Partners or its management.


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